P&B was selected as one of the final candidates for India next village 2047 competition.

The contest’s secretary, Sajjan Vijian, sent an email on October 7, 2019 to Engineer Pegah Rezai to attend the awards ceremony. The PB Company was invited […]

Pegah Rezaei, winner of rebuilding of foreign exchange branch of Tejarat Bank

Different design of Pegah Rezaei for rebuilding Tejarat Bank of the Esfahan foreign exchange branch could be selected as management of the province as the final […]

The Baghe- Negar Residential House Won the First Rank of The 26th WA Award in 2017.

The Baghe- Negar (Negar Garden) residential house won the first rank of the 26th world architecture awards in 2017.

The Youngest Iranian Architect won International Architecture award (WA)


Pegah Rezaiee , One of The Designers of ICG Switzerland in Eastern Europe

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