Pegah Rezaiee , one of the designers of ICG Switzerland

Pegah Rezaei was selected as one of the designers of ICG Switzerland in Eastern Europe.

Coordination session of the central insurance company

Pegah Rezaei’s attendance in coordination session of the central insurance company of Isfahan province
International Companies Group

Pegah Rezaie’s design, selected design of Food City of Tbilisi

Final announcement of ICG Company of Switzerland, P & B design was selected as the top design and first ranked in Food City design Competition in […]

Formal satisfaction letter of Ramsar medical organization

The head of Ramsar medical organization, Dr.Sobhan Bahrami announced full satisfaction of central project designed by P & B team.

Navasan magazine interview with Pegah Rezaei

Navasan magazine interviewed with Pegah Rezaei as one of the most successful women in Isfahan in 2017

Holding 5th session of mutual respect to the employer and business conditions

The fifth training session of P & B company members was held by engineer Amir Mohammad Khosrow. During this meeting, the way of mutual respect to […]

Reinforcing and reconstruction of Iran insurance historical building of Isfahan province

P&b started its new project. Iran insurance historical building of Isfahan province, was designed in 1940 by the french architect André Godard and at the beginning […]

Attendance of Mehdi Safaie in anniversary ceremony of P & B company

Mehdi Safaie, the best entrepreneur of Iran for 5 years , attended in fifth anniversary of P&b company and mentioned important advices to next activities of […]

Burning down of Tejarat Bank of Khomeynishahr

The Tejarat Bank project, burned down on the street protest in Khomeinishahr of Isfahan and burned it completely.
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